Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things to Do with a Toddler in Summer: The Water/Sand Table

It's June. I live in Arizona. The high temperature is projected to be 98 this week, and it'll only get hotter.

I have a 13-month-old living in my house.

This is not an easy combination, especially because Scott loves to go outside. And by "loves," I mean that he will point at the door and scream until we leave the house.

So, this is the first post in a series about things we've done (or tried to do) in order to keep cool and sane during our first summer with a mobile child under foot.

This week: the water/sand table.

Water and sand tables are classic. You have sand; you have water. Both run through your fingers, and both can make a big mess. Fun times.


Scott seems to like it, especially the umbrella. He'll point to it and say, "nuh," which is baby for... just about everything.

The umbrella also keeps my son's head out of the sun, which keeps him cool. We strategically placed the water/sand table underneath both an awning and our mister system for the same reason.

It's in our backyard, so we don't have to go far, or spend money each time we want to use it (like we will at a museum or zoo).


It cost us $60, including the umbrella, which seems a bit expensive to me for a piece of plastic with holes in it.

Sand + water = sater... or wand... However you combine the two, it spells a big mess. Scott really enjoys picking up the sand and putting it into the water. I'm liking it now, but I don't look forward to cleaning it up... eventually.

Scott gets tired of it quickly. Of course, he's a toddler, so I think I'll be putting this one on the cons list for just about everything we do.

Verdict: Worth It.