Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things to Do With a Toddler in Summer: Seattle

For the past week, we vacationed in Seattle. I think I can say that this was our family's best vacation yet. We really planned out each day, and enjoyed every second. But enough about us.

This is about the baby.

Best Places to Take a Baby in Seattle
  • Our toddler loved anywhere that he could see water. I'd particularly recommend the ferry rides and Point Defiance.
  • The best place we went to eat? A tie between Rainforest Cafe and The Blazing Onion. At the Rainforest Cafe, Scott was wonderfully distracted by the lights and noises (especially the gorillas). The Blazing Onion, a tasty burger joint, was very accommodating to children. One of the waitresses even picked Scott up when he was fussy and showed him the kitchen (with our permission, of course).

Places to Beware
  • If you're going to Pike Place Market, don't take a stroller--it's too crowded. We brought a backpack. Scott was up high, and we didn't run into people.
  • I also wouldn't recommend the Space Needle unless you absolutely must go. They don't allow strollers, and the line for the elevators is extremely long. By the time we got to the top, our son was already done, and we had to descend almost immediately.

Tips for Traveling with a Toddler
  • If your toddler is a lap rider on the airplane, ask at check-in if there are any empty rows and to be moved there if possible. We managed to get a whole three seats to ourselves without having to pay for an extra seat. It made all the difference.
  • Bring a variety of things to do on the plane. We brought board books, toys, and a V-Tech electronic book. None of it kept our son occupied for long, but we did what we could.
  • Don't push it--you'll upset yourself. Also, plan out where you're going to eat beforehand, as well as your agenda for each day. This was a lifesaver for us. 
  • I would really recommend the City Pass--we did almost everything in the book, even if it was just for an hour or so.
  • Finally, don't overload your days. We were able to visit one or two major places a day before Scott was done.  What we're learning is that he loves just about anything, as long he can pick it up, throw it, or put it in his mouth.

Happy traveling!

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  1. Great travel tips! I love the Pacific Northwest, and I am happy you got to explore, see some of our extended family, and get away from the Arizona heat.